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    Hello and welcome to the community. Please carefully read the following rules and follow them as they are strictly enforced. Violations will result in warnings and/or a ban.


    * Failure to use ENGLISH. These forums are strictly English and should this not be your native language please use google translate or some other method to communicate.

    * Asking/Begging For Download Link When You Do Not Meet The Requirement To View Link.

    * "Post Gibberish Stuff" Non Relevant Stuff on a Certain Thread.

    * "HiJacking Others People Thread" Post Diffrent Stuff other than the Main Purpose of the Thread.

    * "Thread Hoarder"

    * Those Who Start new thread without Searching Either been ask or post.

    * "Numberic as Username"
    - Name like "john2321312343", "mark12121221Q112333222" , "Usernamevoykhovjtjnh", or all with Numeric, Will Be Banned Without Prior Notice.

    -Not reading Forum Rules.: 1 Warning Point , Posting Privilege Suspended For 1hr.
    -Duplicate post (thread by not searching): 1 warning point 1hr duration with thread deleted.
    -Hyper threading: 2 Warning points 24hr duration, with threads merged or deleted depending on circumstances
    -Multiple Account: Permanent Ban.
    -Arguing: 3 warning points 1 month duration, with post(s) deleted.
    -Off topic post in a thread: 3 warning points with a 1hr duration.
    -Bumping a dead thread: 4 warning points with a 24hr duration.
    -Flaming: 5 warning points with a 1 month duration.

    Note: For Every 1 point Equal to 10% , When It Reach 40% all your post will be moderated and need approval from us (Moderator). when it reach 70%, is permanent ban.

    The above warning system is a loose guideline. Depending on severity ultimately depends on final decision on the moderator giving out the warning!

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